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Home education and private tuition is becoming more and more popular throughout the UK for a number of reasons. Some parents want to be in control their children's learning experience and others want to increase their child's progress.

We want to make it easier for you, because we know that there is a lot of pressure to attain higher grades and the recent changes in the curriculum can be challenging.

Completely Independent

We will create a private virtual learning environment for you to access our tailor made curriculum. You will have access to Powerpoints, worksheets and assessments to help you make progress. The course will reflect a four-term plan similar to that followed in schools. However, you will be in control of the pace that you choose to work at and what you complete.

Semi- Independent 

Trying to understand exactly what the examiner expects from your child can be quite daunting. At a time that is convenient, you can contact a qualified teacher and ask them for advice and guidance. This conversation will enable you to confidently support your child.

Regular Tuition 

Would you prefer your child to have access to a qualified teacher regularly each week to create a structured schooling experience? We can help you to create a timetable that will include dedicated one-to-one online tuition. Each lesson will be tailored to your child and work in line with the new 9-1 national curriculum.

*Although this site is addressing young learners, please do not be deterred if you are an adult learner and require support. Get in touch.

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